Enquire AI is a platform that helps organizations become more knowledge-efficient. It provides an AI-powered platform to leverage global subject-matter expertise in real-time. The software starts with Network Pulse, where clients can submit a question. From there, an AI-driven multifactor algorithm identifies the experts best placed to provide tailored, actionable analysis in 250 words, which arrives in the client’s dashboard within minutes.

Clients can assess answers according to the experts’ professional background and platform ratings and go deeper with any expert of their choice on a Pulse Call or collaborate longer-term on a Pulse Project. Enquire AI has made this knowledge journey uniquely empowering and seamless for the client by fitting it to their established workflows for data gathering and research.

Enquire AI’s platform is unique because it empowers clients with business intelligence faster than any other expert knowledge platform. It combines patented blend of AI, data science, and human intelligence to deliver context and analysis faster than any other expert knowledge platform.

The patented artificial intelligence technology combines contextual and lexical NLP AI matching, 3D-skills scoring, and performance ratings to deliver the most relevant experts to your query. When you combine this powerful technology with human expertise, the result is unmatched insights delivery.

Enquire AI’s platform is designed to fit into clients’ established workflows for data gathering and research. It helps clients discover hidden resources and capabilities within their own organizations or engage with timely expertise from the global knowledge economy.

If you have any questions about Enquire AI’s platform or how it can help your organization become more knowledge-efficient, please visit their website.

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