Imagine a world where treatable diseases no longer take lives, and each generation is healthier than the last. Imagine a world where you and your doctors can understand and monitor the most important changes in your health with ease and accuracy. Imagine a world where you have a digital twin that can help you prevent, detect, and treat any health issue before it becomes serious.

This is the vision of Q Bio, a company that is building the first clinical digital twin platform and making it accessible to everyone. Q Bio is an interdisciplinary team comprised of pioneers in multiple fields, including artificial intelligence, applied math, computational biology, computational physics, computer science, electrical engineering, genetics, medicine and radiology.

What is a clinical digital twin?

A clinical digital twin is a comprehensive and personalized digital representation of your body and health that is created from various sources of data, such as medical records, genetic tests, blood tests, and imaging scans. A clinical digital twin can help you and your doctors to:

  • Track and visualize the changes in your body and health over time
  • Identify and quantify the risk factors for various diseases
  • Predict and simulate the outcomes of different interventions and treatments
  • Optimize and personalize your health care plan

Q Bio is developing a platform that can create and update your clinical digital twin with minimal effort and time. The platform consists of two components: Q Bio Gemini and Q Bio Mark I.

Q Bio Gemini is the first clinical digital twin platform that is already available to customers. Q Bio Gemini can create your clinical digital twin from existing data sources, such as medical records, genetic tests, blood tests, and imaging scans. Q Bio Gemini can also integrate data from wearable devices, such as smartwatches and fitness trackers. Q Bio Gemini can provide you with a web-based dashboard that allows you to access and explore your clinical digital twin anytime and anywhere.

Q Bio Mark I is the world’s first fully autonomous scanner that will soon power Q Bio Gemini. Q Bio Mark I will be able to scan your whole body in less than 15 minutes with unrivaled speed, safety and comfort. Q Bio Mark I will use advanced sensors and algorithms to capture high-resolution images of your organs, tissues, cells, molecules, and atoms. Q Bio Mark I will also measure various biomarkers, such as blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen saturation, glucose level, and inflammation level. Q Bio Mark I will automatically upload the data to Q Bio Gemini to create or update your clinical digital twin.

Q Bio’s mission is to make the physical of the future available to everyone. Q Bio believes that everyone deserves to have access to the best health care possible. Q Bio aims to democratize health care by lowering the cost and increasing the convenience of creating and maintaining your clinical digital twin.

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