Sales is all about communication. You must understand your customers’ needs, pain points, and objections and persuade them to choose your solution over the competition. But how do you know if you’re having effective sales conversations? How do you measure and improve your sales skills and performance?

That’s where SalesKen comes in. SalesKen is an AI-powered sales assistant that transforms how sales conversations are conducted. A real-time virtual manager will sit in all your sales interactions and guide you step-by-step. It also offers incredible insights and deep analysis into the last mile of customer-salesperson interactions, helping you optimize your sales strategy and close more deals.

What is SalesKen, and how does it work?

SalesKen is a SaaS platform that leverages the latest technologies in AI, including deep neural networks, advanced speech-to-text engines, natural language processing, machine learning, and cutting-edge algorithms. It integrates with your existing CRM and communication tools and analyzes your real-time sales calls, emails, and chats.

SalesKen provides you with actionable feedback and suggestions on improving your sales conversations. It helps you:

  • Identify the key moments and signals in your sales interactions, such as customer interest, objections, questions, and emotions.
  • Understand the customer’s personality, behavior, and preferences, and tailor your communication style accordingly.
  • Follow the best practices and proven techniques for sales communication, such as asking open-ended questions, using active listening, building rapport, and handling objections.
  • Track and measure your sales performance and progress, and compare it with your peers and industry benchmarks.

SalesKen also generates comprehensive reports and dashboards that show you the strengths and weaknesses of your sales conversations and the areas where you need to improve. You can also access the transcripts and recordings of your sales interactions and review them with your manager or coach.

Why SalesKen is unique and innovative

SalesKen is not just another sales automation or analytics tool. It is a game-changer in the field of sales enablement and coaching. SalesKen is the only AI company in the world working on this thesis. Their primary focus is on sales conversations and making sales associates do better.

SalesKen is different from other sales tools because it:

  • Provides real-time and personalized guidance and feedback, not just generic tips and scripts.
  • Focuses on the quality and effectiveness of sales conversations, not just the quantity and duration.
  • Uses advanced AI and natural language processing to understand the nuances and context of sales conversations, not just the keywords and phrases.
  • Empower salespeople to learn and improve their sales skills, not just automate their tasks and processes.

How to join SalesKen and be part of the future of sales

Suppose you’re passionate about sales and technology and want to be part of a core founding technology team built by IIT alumni. In that case, SalesKen is the place for you. You can design, implement, and deploy applications while working extensively with cross-functional teams. You will also get to work on the latest tech in AI and solve challenging and exciting problems in sales.

SalesKen seeks talented and motivated individuals who share their vision and mission of transforming sales conversations with AI. If you have what it takes to join SalesKen, check out their current openings and apply today.

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